A collaboration between Erwin Hines, The Queer Asian Social Club, and artist Mo Phung

We all carry different stories and histories within our bodies and we don’t always know what they are or where they came from. We are composed of many identities and layers of being that make us who we are today. We want this piece of clothing to represent the endless possibilities of how you can show up in the world.

We invite you to send your own messages across time, land and water, to your ancestors. Whether through words, visuals, song, movement, sound, or taste. Across all bodies and creative spaces. To think about what it means to communicate with your ancestors with your heart, your radical imagination, and the vibrations that move through your skin.

"This past year has probably been the hardest any of us have experienced in our lives. 

I felt myself getting lost, trying to & constantly trying to find answers wherever I could, not knowing they were in front of me the whole time. 

I started asking my Dad questions about my Lola & Lolo (grandma & grandpa) on both sides of the family for a project I had. He opened the door for me to dive into the beautiful, deeply rich & purposeful path my family laid down before I was even born. I come from a line of Teachers, Musicians, Bakers & Chefs from the Philippines. A culmination of my identity that I didn’t know was already in place. 

It gave me life, meaning, clarity & a new found sense of purpose in a time I needed it most." 

- Jamuelle Zumel

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Future is Color is the solo artistic practice of Erwin Hines, where he uses garments to examine society. The goal of this body of work is to create space for conversation around collective liberation.