What Is Studio Sessions

What started with a weekly jazz night in our studio has grown into an ecosystem of experiences and programs focused on using music and art to connect communities and support emerging artist.


Our Experiences


Live Sessions 

Live sessions, including our Jazz Nights, are weekly live music experiences that are primarily held in our Barrio Logan studio. These all-age experiences are free to attend and have become the heartbeat of Studio Sessions. 


Warehouse Sessions 

We introduced Warehouse Sessions in Oct of 2023 through our Dance Music No.1 experience. These DJ-centered experiences focus more specifically on the power of dance to liberate our bodies and minds. These are larger experiences that also bring in international DJ’s.


The Listening Room

Music has always been a conduit for self-reflection. THE LISTENING ROOM is a collective exploration of the human experience through deep immersion into the music we all love. These intimate experiences welcome 30 - 40 guests who are encouraged to engage in dialogue with the evening's selector around themes like Love, Communication, and Growth. The themes are general enough to be open to interpretation but they give the guests a framework to connect deeply with one another and the music.



Our Programs

  • Apprenticeship

    We work with a 5 - 8 creatives through the year to help them build their brands, activate their ideas and provide them with the tools needed to sustain themselves with their art practice.

  • Alt Futures

    A 6 month program built in partnership with Dreams & Ducats and UCASD to help foster the next generation of young creatives.




Proceeds from all merch sales go back into supporting the programming of Studio Sessions. If Merch is not your thing we also have a subscription based donation through the new Studio Sessions Co-Op

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