MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION where the proceeds help support our free community programing. 

Studio Sessions is a community rooted experience that is dedicated to creating space to access art and culture within our local community while also building a pipeline for local artist and storytellers to have sustainable livelihoods through their art. 

Our main goal for the STUDIO SESSIONS CO-OP is to provide a direct pathway for the community to support the maintenance and growth of the Studio Sessions experience while also supporting the artists and storytellers that make it possible.  Scroll down for additional details.


      Why Support


      Proceeds help us maintain our free experiences while ensuring we can continue to support and compensate our artists, as well as maintaining the spaces our programs call home.


      Proceeds also help develop and grow additional community experiences. We already have exciting plans in the works, including community education around the creative economy.


      Empowers this project to stay in the hands of the community and remain independent, turning to outside sponsors only when the mission and vision are aligned.


      Proceeds enable our team invest into extending new and existing artist development programs. We work with a few musicians and artist through the year to help them build their creative brand, their audience, and gigging network.


      Additional funding and support collected above and beyond our operational expenses will go into a community account to support additional local causes and projects. This will be made public in an annual report shared with all the Studio Sessions Community.

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