We believe that the root of positive cultural progress is proximity and dialogue. In those moments, we share stories, gain understanding, and build empathy for one another. The mission of FUTURE IS COLOR® is to shape accessible space for conversation around collective liberation from oppressive systems and ideas that diminish human potential. We hope to build a community rooted in love and empathy. A community that embraces the beautiful spectrum of humanity. A community that Moves In Love. We do this through a range of intentionally crafted garments (wearable conversations) and inclusive physical experiences. 

"FUTURE IS COLOR is a creative playground for community building. We don't create community to sell product, we create product and experiences to build community." -Erwin Hines

Meaningful Garments

Every FUTURE IS COLOR® garment is more than fabric. they each are a canvas for meaningful conversations and artifacts of our stories. The collections seek to examine tensions within social structures and present tangable pathways forward.

FUTURE IS COLOR® Studio Sessions

Music has the power to gather us, heal us, and connect us. Historically Sonic gathering spaces have been at the heart of revolutionary movements. They were spaces where individuals, particularly from marginalized communities could fully express, be seen, and where the artificial barriers between people could be broken down by a unifying rhythm. FUTURE IS COLOR Studio sessions is our weekly live music experience and sonic gathering space rooted on these principles of bringing community together in love.

FUTURE IS COLOR® Literary Playlist

A collection of books and research behind each collection.

Our Studio & Store

FUTURE IS COLOR® Studio & Store is our physical space located in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego, CA. More than a traditional retail experience, the studio is an open space to gather, collaborate, share stories, dream, and create.

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