Universal Sonic Healing

"Black music shapes the lives of so many people the world over, and it's been that way for centuries. The roots and impact of Black music go much deeper than catchy songs and popular artists. For the Black community, Black music has always been a messenger, an outlet, and a space of freedom."

FIC for FOOT LOCKER installment 1 saw us exploring the power of dreams to shape the future and for our second installment we chose to explore one of the spaces our dreams have been expressed.

It’s often said that Black Music is the soundtrack to movements, but it’s really the foundational bedrock of revolution. Black music has always been an all encompassing space for joy, expression, healing, and projecting our visions of the future. Every sonic expression also came with the physical space of safety. Gospel and the church - house and the warehouse, all genres have been safe spaces for our stories and pathways for collective liberation.

The title of this collection is Universal Sonic Healing which is a statement of fact that Black Music is healing. For both the listener and the creator, Music acts as a space to pour out emotions and connect deeper with ourselves while also connecting with others.