• Divine Beauty 01 Alt - We Was There
  • Divine Beauty 01 Alt - We Was There

Divine Beauty 01 Alt - We Was There


This shirt is a modern interpretation of the Black Madonna and is part of the “We Was There” series, which seeks to reveal Black Influence throughout history while also reclaiming the Beauty of Blackness through imagery and symbols. This art in particular is focused on honoring the beauty of Black unity, family, and community. 

Black Madonna: The Black Madonna remains a surprisingly misunderstood figure in mainstream Christianity. Too often, racism and ignorance obscure her true origins as someone with darker skin. A study of the Black Madonna reveals the erasing Black and Brown history.

Isis and Horus: The Queen of Heaven and the Holy Child, became the popular deities of the later age of Egypt, and their figures far outnumber those of all other gods. Horus appears carried on the arm of his mother in a form which is indistinguishable from that adopted by Christianity soon after.


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