Future Is Color is a platform for stories created by Erwin Hines. It’s an ever evolving collection of artifacts that examine tensions within the cultural landscape from the Black lens. The goal of these artifacts are to reveal the nuanced and universally impactful stories of Black & Brown People while also creating space for conversation.

“Each item is a subversive artifact that carries a voice and a message. These are pieces of wearable conversations”.

With each drop, FIC utilizes design to help shape space for conversation. Along with each drop, FIC works with aligned organizations & non-profits to support the groundwork through donations and physical action.


Elevate Our Voices Program

Future Is Color: Elevate Our Voices is a mentorship program formed in partnership with Sandusky City Schools, the NAACP, and the Boys and Girls Club of Erie County. The mission is to help BIPOC youth from underrepresented communities see the value and power of their experiences and stories. BIPOC children often grow up seeing one-dimensional portraits of people who look like us within the media. On top of that, the education system does not do a good job of telling the full scope of our history and impact within America. This lack of self knowledge often times means that we are left to define ourselves based on the perspectives of witness and Eurocentric values. These perspectives create mental frameworks that limit us. Our program will seek to root students in the nuanced beauty of their own culture ultimately giving them the tools to define their own future.