Cope Dealer is the project of Archie Green, who is a hip hop artist and mental health advocate out of Cleveland Ohio. Archie utilizes the culture of hip hop to open pathways to conversation around mental health among black youth. 

This shirt is the first in a series of collaborative pieces between Future Is Color and Archie aka The Cope Dealer.

100% of the proceeds from the collaboration shirts will be donated to Archie Greens program named Peel Dem Layers Back who's mission is to educate, empower and equip Black men & boys with basic tools necessary to live a mentally healthy life. This is done while using the culture of Hip-Hop as a vehicle to create a safe space for predominantly black and brown communities to publicly share personal testimonies. Programs consist of mental health workshops, open forums and live performances. The overall goal of Peel Dem Layers Back is to bring awareness of mental health to black and brown communities in efforts to normalize treatment and break the stigma.