Shaping Space For Youth To Dream

"We Dream. We Fly." is a series of garments and initiatives that seek to shape space for youth to take hold of their ability to dream.

While the ability to dream is ubiquitous, not everyone has access, freedom, or safe space to imagine different or brighter futures. To dream about the future is to shape a world based on your own perspectives. This creates a sense of agency and power over our lives. A dream has the power to shape our present and subsequently define our futures. The “We Dream We Fly” series focus' on shaping space and conversations for youth to dream and create brighter futures.

The first installment of this series took place during All Star Weekend in Cleveland OH with the redesign of a local court within the Zelma George Rec Center. Along with the redesign of the court we did a sneaker distribution and corresponding merch drop.

Basketball court design